TrueGrip™ TWR-200-B

Compatible with: Soundpeats Truengine III, Soundpeats Truengine SE, Soundpeats H1, Devialet Gemini and more. See compatibility tab for full listing. Still unsure about compatibility? Use our Tip Selector!
SKU: 38-20103-11
  • Product Details

    Comply tips are 30 times softer than silicone, cost-effective, simple to install, and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Fit Program.

    • Unshakeable fit: Ear-conforming memory foam means all-day comfort – and no more chasing after an earbud that fell out.
    • Peak performance: Comply tips reduce unwanted exterior noise so you can elevate your listening at lower volumes (protect those ears!); your favorite devices will work better than ever.
    • Easy to use: Securely and easily attach to your device. No tools, no fuss.
    • Charger-friendly: Comply tips are specially designed to fit in most wireless charging cases without interfering with charging.
    • Extra Protection: Built-in TechDefender™ guard protects your earbuds' sound port from debris, wax and sweat.


    Compatible with Soundpeats Truengine III, Soundpeats Truengine SE, Soundpeats H1, Devialet Gemini, Master & Dynamic MW07, RHA TrueConnect, and more (see compatibility tab.)

    Installation Instructions

    Step One

    Remove the eartips from your wireless earbuds

    Step Two

    Firmly press Comply tip onto the soundport. Ensure the tip is secure before use.

    Step Three

    Once installed, roll the tip between your fingers into a thin, round cylinder.

    Step Four

    Gently insert the entire eartip into your ear and hold it in for 10-15 seconds.

  • Tips are compatible with these devices:

    AKG® N400
    Altec Lansing® True Evo
    Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite
    Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC300TW
    Audio-Technica® ATH-SPORT7TW
    Devialet Gemini
    Formula-Labs M8
    HELM Audio True Wireless Headphones
    JBL® ClubPro Plus
    JBL® Free
    KYGO Life E7-900
    Master & Dynamic MW07
    MEE Audio® X10
    Miiego MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO®
    Monster® Clarity 101
    NUARL NT100
    Plantronics® BackBeat Fit 350
    Remixd ETPRAUDTW - Ultra Sport
    Remixd ETPRAUDTWC - True Wireless
    Remixd ETRTWBBLK - True Wireless
    RHA TrueConnect
    RHA TrueControl ANC
    Rowkin™ Ascent Charge+
    Rowkin™ Ascent Micro
    Samsung Gear IconX (2016 & 2018)
    Skullcandy™ Push
    SoundPEATS H1
    SoundPEATS Sonic
    SoundPEATS SoundPeats Truengine III
    SoundPEATS T2
    SoundPEATS TrueFree
    SoundPEATS Truengine SE
    Sudio Tolv
    Tribit FlyBuds C1
    xFryo Aria