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Comply™ makes the world’s best replacement earbud tips. Compatible with thousands of devices, Comply tips are precision-engineered to help your earbuds stay in and stay comfortable.

The Comply Guaranteed Fit Program

The choice of U.S. military pilots and outdoorsmen, professional musicians and music fanatics, we guarantee that if the tips you choose for your buds don’t stay put, we’ll find you tips that do.

Stay In The Game

Run the extra mile, catch up with your BFF, lay the perfect track in the studio, or stay in the flow state until the masterpiece is done – all without missing a beat.

100% Fit. 0% Risk.

With a variety of fits and compatibility with thousands of devices, there’s a Comply eartip for you. If the eartip you choose doesn’t stay put, we’ll find you one that does. Guaranteed.

This Is Where Device Love Gets Serious

Soak in the content you crave on the devices you love most. Comply earbud tips let you listen longer and take full advantage of the latest noise cancellation technology, with a reliable fit that ill-fitting silicone buds can’t match. Designed for the world’s top brands, in multiple ear-hugging shapes and sizes.


What Our Customers Say 看澳洲幸运8开奖和结果直播-澳大利亚澳洲幸运8-中国体彩彩票

"Every size of Apple tips kept popping out of my left ear every 10 minutes. With Comply I put the small on the left ear, medium on the right, and they haven't fallen out in a few days now. I find them much more secure than the original Apple tips, and more comfortable. Super highly recommend them to everyone!"


The sport tips were an excellent replacement for JVC earbuds. Great product. Purchased other replacements, but nowhere near the quality of Comply

Christopher N.

"They help my AirPods pros fit in my small ear canals better than the original tips. When I put them in properly they stay put, even when I'm running!"

Susanne R.

"Fantastic fit! They raise the sound stage to new levels! And during a run they close out even more ambient noises."

Brent S.

"Great isolation, improved sound, very comfortable, and stays in place. I can't go back to silicone tips, ever."